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Evidence photos from Boston bombings

CNN - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 08:03
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Hostage's family awaits word

CNN - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 05:05
The days pass one after the other in Prescott, Arizona, without bringing any real answer about Kayla Mueller.
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ISIS says airstrike killed U.S. hostage

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 20:41
ISIS claimed in an online posting that a female American hostage had been killed in a Jordanian airstrike on Raqaa, Syria, on Friday. The posting showed a picture of a collapsed building in which ISIS claimed she was being held, but showed no proof of her death
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Hostage moved by Syria's suffering

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 19:26
Kayla Mueller traveled to the Middle East and dedicated herself to helping people in need, especially children.
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Bruce Jenner's public gender transition

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 17:25
Talk about gender transitioning may be swirling around Bruce Jenner, but the 1976 Olympic gold medalist has kept quiet.
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10 ways to boost chances of surviving a plane crash

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 16:48
Survival and rescue stories from the deadly crash of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 in Taiwan are inspiring as well as intriguing. They raise the question: Why do some passengers survive plane crashes and others tragically don't?
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Parents to parents: Vaccinating is personal

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 16:18
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Family: Fake kidnapping was to teach kid stranger danger

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 15:54
A 6-year-old boy in Missouri endured an emotional four-hour staged kidnapping because his family thought he was being too nice to people he didn't know, police said Thursday.
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Joining Brian Williams: Other false memories

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 15:49
Television anchor Bryan Williams isn't the first person to be embarrassed by claiming a remembrance that, well, never really happened. Recent history shows how several famous figures suffered what one expert labels a false "flashbulb" memory.
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Parents shot by toddler charged

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 15:25
The parents of a toddler have been charged with child abuse after their 3-year-old son shot them both, according to a new Mexico criminal complaint.
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'Lolita' the killer whale to go on endangered species list

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 14:30
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will soon add Miami Seaquarium's killer whale, Lolita, to the endangered species list, but nothing will change for the longtime Miami entertainer.
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Teen goes to Target looking for a tie, gets that and more

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 14:24
A North Carolina teen went to Target to look for a clip-on tie for a job interview. He became the subject of a touching moment and a viral photo.
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John Legend boycotts Beverly Hills Hotel, Sharia law

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 13:38
Up for two Grammys and his first Oscar, John Legend is the dapper cover star of Los Angeles Confidential's latest issue and an honoree at the magazine's big entertainment bash Thursday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Yet the R&B star is declining the invitation.
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U.S. Presidents and Air Force One

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 12:26
See the different airplanes that have served as the President's transportation over the years.
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Selfies likely caused fatal plane crash

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 12:26
Distraction caused by taking selfies is likely to blame for a plane crash that killed a pilot and his passenger in Colorado in May, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.
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'Less lethal' guns to Ferguson cops

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 10:50
The Ferguson Police Department has purchased a new, "less lethal," gun attachment for its force. CNN affiliate KGTV reports.
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New mom: Call 911, we just had a baby

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 10:47
Nicole Harris thought she was feeling under the weather, but was shocked when she gave birth to a full-term baby boy. CNN affiliate WKRN reports.
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Scout shot on way to sell cookies

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 10:44
A 9-year-old Girl Scout was shot while getting ready to sell cookies in her Indiana neighborhood. CNN affiliate WISH reports.
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911 operator tells teen to 'stop whining'

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 10:32
A Maryland 911 operator has been disciplined after telling a traumatized teen to "stop whining." CNN affiliate WBAL has more.
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2 measles cases at Chicago day care

CNN - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 09:11
Parents at a Chicago-area daycare center are keeping a close watch over their children for any signs of fever or rashes. They learned yesterday that two infants who attend the Palatine Kindercare Center, in Palatine, Illinois, have tested positive for measles. Three more cases have been diagnosed, but not yet confirmed, according to a statement from the Cook County Department of Public Health.
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