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12 year old saves mom from dog attack

May 24, 2012

Amy Maxey, 12 years old, saved her mom's life after an Argentinian Dogo attacked.

The courageous acts of a local 12 year old has many calling her a hero. Amy Maxey, a 6th grader at Antlers Middle School, saved her mother from a viscous dog attack, which many believe would have claimed her life.

On Saturday, May 12, Nancy and Amy Maxey were at their neighbor’s residence taking care of their multiple dogs when Nancy found herself in the jaws of one of her neighbor’s Dogo Argentino, an Argentinean hunting dog also known as an Argentine Mastiff. On average, Dogoes can weigh upwards of 150lbs. Each dog was confined in their own separate enclosure with the food and water located inside the dog house in the middle of the cage.

Nancy went inside one of the enclosures, which she had been doing the previous 3 days, and placed the food inside the dog house. The dog grabbed her sleeve, normally a sign that she wanted to play, but the dog’s teeth caught skin. Drawing blood sent the dog into a frenzy and it drug Nancy to the ground. Once on the ground the dog bit into Nancy’s inner thigh and began to drag her back to it’s dog house. Nancy cried out to Amy for help. Within moments Amy was there with her mom, who was now being held by the back of the neck by the dog.

Amy jumped on the large dog’s back and remained their until the dog released her mom. Amy told her mom to get out of the cage and then punched the dog. During the commotion, Nancy had made her way to the gate of the enclosure before she slumped down and realized her daughter was still back with the dog. Nancy turned around crying, “Oh my baby,” and realized Amy was right beside her. They both left the cage without further incident.

“I was scared but wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing,” said Amy. “ I just went into the cage, jumped on the dog and then punched it hard in the nose. It shook its head hard, sneezed and backed off. Mom almost passed out.”

Nancy was rushed to Pushmataha County Hospital where she was stabilized and then transported by air to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa. Nancy remained in the trauma unit for the next couple of days while she was treated for her horrifying dog bites.

Nancy sustained multiple injuries, including trauma to her side, back of neck, right arm, thigh, foot and a baseball size chunk which was bit out of the side of her calf. While at the hospital in Tulsa Amy was taught how to care for Nancy’s wounds and had done so since they returned home.

“I thank God for her (Amy) everyday and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her,” said Nancy. “She had always helped others for as long as I can remember. She has a purpose here on this earth, this was just one of the smaller ones.”

“I wasn’t there when it happened but I can only hope that I would have displayed half the courage it took for Amy to do what she did,” said her papa, Jarvis Maxey. “She didn’t care about her own safety and put her fear aside to save her mother’s life. If she wouldn’t have done what she did, her mother would be dead because that dog wouldn’t have stopped.”
After graduating high school, Amy plans on going to school to become a registered nurse so she can continue taking care of people.

The Pushmataha County Sheriff’s Department was contacted and a report was made. Nothing has been done about the dog at this time and the owners refuse to assist with Nancy’s medical bills.

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