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17 year old charged with burglary

April 18, 2013

Steven M. Hunt, a 17 year old white male of Antlers, is being charged with 2nd Degree Burglary (felony), Injury to a Motor Vehicle (felony) and Malicious injury to property - under $1000.00 (misdemeanor).

The first charge Hunt is facing is back from January. According to the reports, Hunt is being charged with defacing a 1996 Chevrolet Bus Van that belonged to the Antlers Church of Christ by busting out the entry door glass and stabbing the window.

The second and third charges occurred during the first part of March. Hunt is believed to have destroyed a coin operated washing machine that belonged to Hughes Laundry in Antlers. The loss was valued at less than $1,000.

Hunt is also being charged with breaking and entering into a vending machine that was also located at the Laundry, by attempting to pry open the coin boxes, with the intent to commit burglary.


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