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2 year old found trying to wake passed out man

May 24, 2013

On May 11, 2013, a 1 or 2 year old female child was found standing next to a passed out male driver trying to wake him up.

Deputy Darrell Nichols was on patrol in Pushmataha County heading south on Gilly Road, coming up to HWY 271 North, when he found a green vehicle parked in the middle of the intersection with the motor running and headlights on. As Nichols approached the vehicle the first thing he saw was a white male passed out behind the wheel with his feet on the clutch and break petals. Standing next to the man was a 1 or 2 year old female child trying to wake him up.

Nichols reached into the vehicle and turned off the motor. He then tried to wake up the driver. After a few minutes he finally woke up and stared at him with a “Ten Mile Stare.”

Nichols asked the man for his license and insurance and the man did nothing but stare at him. After he asked again the man stated that he didn’t have an insurance card and then reached into his rear pocket to get his wallet. As he reached into his pocket, Nichols grabbed the open container of Keystone Light that was going to spill in his lap.

The driver was identified as Michael Claude Cessna, 27 year old white male of Antlers. Nichols saw that Cessna had poor balance while he walked to the back of his vehicle and his eyes were glazed and bloodshot like he was under the influence of some kind of drugs.

Nichols let Cessna use his mobile phone to call his sister to come pick up his daughter and take her to her house because he told the deputy that his wife was in rehab.

Nichols asked Cessna to perform the standard field sobriety test and he refused. Nichols returned to his unit and radioed dispatch and ran the tag and his license to make sure everything was good and dispatch advised him that Cessna’s license was suspended and the tag on the vehicle was expired.

Cessna was placed under arrest for Child endangerment; operating a motor vehicle while drivers license was suspended; transporting an open container of low point beer; actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence and expired tags.

Cessna was transported to the Pushmataha County Jail where he was booked. Cessna refused to take the states test and signed the refusal form.

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