Antlers woman arrested in Carter County

Shasta Herman
Staff Writer

Brandy Cardona-Ludlow, of Antlers, and Joshua Jordan, of Hugo, were recently arrested in Carter County on multiple counts of fraud. They went before Special District Judge Carson Brooks in Carter County District Court and Bond was set at $50,000 for Cardona-Ludlow, while bond for Jordan was set at $75,000. The judge stipulated that if one or both of them posted bond they must wear ankle monitors pending the outcome of the trial. The exact charges they face include: Identity theft, conspiracy to obtain money by false pretenses, and conspiracy to create fraudulent documents.

Jordan and Cardona-Ludlow are accused of using victims personal information to evade arrest on warrants and to rent hotel rooms. Conspiracy to obtain money by false pretenses, in excess of $1,000 from various firms and corporations by means or us by any tricks or deception by means of false or bogus checks. Committing overt acts by acquiring printouts, equipment and programs to create counterfeit payroll checks to obtain cash. Creating identification documents (bogus checks, ID cards and driver’s licenses) using stolen personal information from numerous individuals for the purposes of creating false and bogus identification.

District Attorney Craig Ladd filed formal charges following an investigation by Ardmore Police Department. The couple was arrested after trying to rent a hotel room using a stolen identification. After APD officers established their true identities, and found that each had warrants in other counties, the couple was taken into custody without incident.

The couple was in possession of stolen personal and corporate information and were using sophisticated equipment to produce fraudulent documents.