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Bearcats Bulldoze the Bulldogs and Whoop the Wampus Cats

February 1, 2013

Last week our Bearcats played 2 non-conference and 1 conference game, the first of which was a non-conference game against the Savanna Bulldogs. Tip-off went to Antlers won by Sr. Bryce Martin, who was also the leading scorer for the game with 20 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1 steal. The first quarter played out quickly and it seemed both teams were evenly matched with the first quarter ending with a score of 8-12 Antlers. Sr. Harlan House put up 8 points and 1 rebound for our Bearcat offense in the first half. Having his biggest game of the season so far, Sr. Trevor Battiest was able to contribute 4 points and 1 rebound to our Bearcat offense in the first half alone, ending the 2nd quarter of play with a score of 18-29 Antlers.

During the second half, our Bearcats pulled away from the Bulldogs easily and it was clear by the 3rd quarter that this would be another easy win for our Bearcats, ending the 3rd with a score of 32-50 Bearcats. Sr. Caleb Smith had a big second half putting up 7 points with 1 rebound and 1 assist, and with the help of Sr. Trevor Battiest with 4 points, 5 rebounds, and 1 steal, ensured an easy Bearcat win, with an ending score of 42-64 Antlers Bearcats.

Savanna Game Stats: 1. Sr. Bryce Martin 20 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal; 2. Sr. Harlan House 14p, 4r, 4a, 0s; 3. Sr. Trevor Battiest 8p, 7r, 1a, 0s; 4. Sr. Caleb Smith 7 points, 5r, 2a, 1s; 5. Jr. Tanner Brown 5p, 3r, 4a, 1s; 6. Sr. Chandon Draper 4p, 4r 0a, 0s; 7. Jr. Morgan Nabors 3p, 0r, 5a, 2ss; 8. Jr. Drew McKnight 2p, 4r, 0a, 1s; 9. Sr. Arizona Taylor 1p, 3r, 0a, 0s; and 10. Sr. Taylor Thatcher and Sr. Hashtula Webster with 1 rebound each.

In the second game of the week, our Bearcats were set to play the Atoka Wampuscats, in a regular season conference game. The first quarter was tightly played with each team answering the other’s run, ending the first quarter tied 18-18. Sr. Harlan House was the leading scorer for this game with 18 points, and tied Jr. Morgan Nabors for first half points having 7 points each. Sr. Bryce Martin and Jr. Tanner Brown also had matching point scores in the first half with 6 points each ending the first half of play with a score of 26-30 Wampuscats.

In the second half, our Bearcats came out ready play taking a 7 points lead ending the 3rd quarter in a score of 39-46 Bearcats. Sr. Harlan House was the leader in the second half stats as well with 11 points, 1 rebound with Sr. Bryce Martin right behind him with 8 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. Sr. Caleb Smith and Jr. Morgan Nabors were also a crucial part of our second half Bearcat offense with 4 points each, helping secure a 57-49 victory for our Bearcats over the Wampuscats.

Atoka Game Stats: 1. Sr. Harlan House 18 points, 4 rebounds, 2assists, 1 steal; 2. Sr. Bryce Martin 14 p, 11r, 2a, 0s; 3. Jr. Morgan Nabors 11p, 4r, 3a, 2s; 4. Jr. Tanner Brown 8p, 6r, 5a, 1s; 5. Sr. Caleb Smith 4p, 7r, 3a, 2s; and 6. Jr. Drew McKnight 2p, 1r, 0a, 0s.

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