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Bearcats named District Champs

February 22, 2013

Photo courtesy of Curtis Video Photo

Bearcats go into District Playoffs with 16-4 record!

February 8th, our Bearcats took on the Coalgate Wildcats. This game was much like the Colbert game and was obvious early in the game that it would be an easy win for our Bearcats. Sr. Guard Harlan House was the leader in stats for this game, with 9 points alone in the first half, with Jr.’s Tanner Brown and Morgan Nabors right behind him with 7 and 6 points respectively. The first period ended with a score of 12-5 Antlers, and as apparent as it was that it would be an easy win, our Bearcats didn’t hold back only allowing the Coalgate offense 3 points in the second period ending the half 29-8 Antlers.

Sr. Forward Chandon Draper had the most points for the second half with 8 points , 3 rebounds. Sr.’s Harlan House, and Caleb Smith as well as Jr. Tanner Brown each had 4 points for the second half. The Wildcats picked up the pace in the second half but their efforts just weren’t enough and our Bearcats were able to chalk up another win with and end score of 56-30. Great Job Bearcats!!

Game Stats: Sr. Harlan House 13p, 2r, 4s, 1a; Jr. Tanner Brown 11p, 7r, 2s, 3a; Sr. Chandon Draper 10p, 7r, 0s, 0a; Sr. Bryce Martin 7p, 7r, 0s, 1a; Sr. Caleb Smith 7p, 1r, 1s, 3a; Jr. Morgan Nabors 6p, 4r, 1s, 0a; and Sr. Arizona Taylor 2p, 0r , 0s, 0a.

Bearcats Celebrate Sr. Night with a Win!

Tuesday February 12th the Talihina Golden Tigers traveled to Antlers to take on our Bearcats in their last regular season game of the year. The first time we were scheduled to meet the Tigers they won over our Bearcats by a 5 point margin, so our Bearcats were out for home court redemption. The first half played out very closely with Sr. Forward Bryce Martin scoring 12 points and Jr. Guard Tanner Brown with 5 in the first half alone. Sr. Forward Bryce Martin was also leading scorer for the second half with 13, and Sr. Guard Harlan House right behind him with 9 for the second half.

This night was special for our Bearcats, it being the last regular season game against a rival team at home, but it was Sr. Night for our Bearcats as well, and this gave them the little extra motivation they needed to pull out a victory in the second half with an end score of 53-46 Antlers. This puts our Bearcats going into District Play-Offs with a 16-4 record, and they are matched to play Coalgate at Coalgate.

Game Stats: Sr. Bryce Martin 25p, 7r, 2s, 0a; Jr. Tanner Brown 9p, 4r, 2s, 2a; Sr. Harlan House 9p, 3r, 0s, 2a; Jr. Morgan Nabors 4p, 5r, 1s, 0a; Sr. Chandon Draper 4p, 2r, 0s, 0a and Sr. Caleb Smith 2p, 6r, 2s, 2a.

This year’s graduating Senior.’s are: Megan Brame: she is the daughter of Dean and Marsha Huffman. Her hobbies include working at the bank and helping out on the family ranch. Megan’s most memorable AHS basketball moment is when Coach Noel lost her phone at ORU. She searched the rooms and had everyone look in their bags, then went to the bus to look and that is when I decided I would scare her-still no phone. Then next morning Kendie opened her bag and asked if the phone she found belonged to anyone. You should have seen Coach Noel’s face. Megan made this year’s Ameristate Invitational All Tournament Team, Choctaw Nation Invitational All Tournament Team, and was crowned this year’s AHS Basketball Homecoming Queen.

Chelsi Thomas: is the daughter of Judd and Tersea Thomas. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends hunting, fishing, and spending time with Bryce. She plans to attend Carl Albert State College and obtain a degree in applied science. Chelsi’s most memorable AHS basketball moment is Kendie’s first varsity game when her shorts were pulled up too high.

Trevor Battice: he is the son of Curtis and Carla Battice. His hobbies include fishing and hunting and playing basketball. Trevor plans to attend college. His most memorable AHS basketball moment is when Bryce knocked over the vase right before homecoming.

Chandon Draper: he is the son of David Draper and Leah Thornhill. His hobbies include being with friends. Chandon plans to attend college. His most memorable AHS basketball moment is when he finally got playing time.
Harlan House: he is the son of Larry House and Tracy House. His hobbies include hanging out with friends, hunting and playing basketball. Harlan plans to attend college to become a basketball coach. His most memorable AHS basketball moment is when Bryce got dunked on by Omega in the City.

Bryce Martin: he is the son of Monte and Melinda Martin. His hobbies include hunting, fishing and spending time with his friends. Bryce plans to attend college and obtain a degree in safety. His most AHS basketball moment is dunking off the chairs with his team mates. Bryce made this year’s Choctaw Nation Invitational All Tournament Team and was also crowned this year’s AHS basketball Homecoming King.

Caleb Smith: he is the son of Roland Smith and Twana Duncan. His hobbies include hunting, sports, and spending time with friends. Caleb plans to plans to attend OSU to obtain a degree in veterinary medicine. His most memorable AHS basketball moment is watching the state tournament with his team mates.
Taylor Thatcher: he is the son of Brandy and Pete Khron. His hobbies include sports. Taylor plans to attend college.

Arizona Taylor: he is the son of Jake and Amy Taylor and Lavonda Baker. His hobbies include hanging with friends and playing sports. Arizona plans to attend college at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. His most memeorable AHS basketball moment is Bryce talking in his spleep at ORU and asking where the donuts are.

Hashtula Webster:he is the son Janet Abercrombie. His hobbies include playing basketball and fishing. Hashtula plans to attend college to obtain a degree in medicine.

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