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Cell Tower Ok'd

March 24, 2011

Cellular tower to be constructed in Antlers

Monday, March 21, 2011 the Antlers Board of Adjustments held a public hearing at the Antlers City Hall at 5:00 p.m. This meeting was to hear a request from Pine Telephone Co., Inc., out of Broken Bow, who were asking for a special exception from Antlers City Codes to allow a cellular antenna tower, of less than 200 feet, to be constructed in a commercial business district at 412 S.W. “C” Street in Antlers.

The gentleman from Pine Telephone explained the reason that they pick the location was for service in town and it would make an ideal retail location in the future. They are planning to open a temporary retail store in the next years time but this will be the sight for their permeant store as well as the tower.

The company will be offering cellular services as well as 4G Broadband services. This tower, according to Pine Telephone will have no signal light on top (as it is below required height to have one) and needs no guide wires as it can stand up to above 70 mph winds with a half inch of ice. Along with he tower in town, they plan on constructing a total of 93 new towers ( not including already erected ones) in the S.E. Oklahoma area.

With no objections from the public present at the meeting. Pine Telephone’s request was approved. They plan on starting construction in 60 to 120 days.


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