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County districts tweeked slightly

August 24, 2011

Michael A. Brittingham, County Commissioner of District #1 addresses attendees on mandated laws facing the county

On Thursday, August 18, 2011 a special meeting was held by the County Commissioners of Pushmataha County to address the issue of redistricting that was mandated by the Federal Government following population distribution changes after the 2010 Census.

With over 75 citizens in attendance, the Commissioners addressed the issues the would face the County if redistricted to meet all criteria of the mandated redistricting, including lack of funds to maintain the county roads and right of ways. All three Commissioners, Mike Brittingham of District #1, Jerry Duncan of District #2 and Jimmy Long of District #3, voiced their concerns but said that they would do what the people wanted them to do. Senator Ellis and Representative Pruett also spoke about the matter.

“You know the saying at the capital,” said Representative Pruett. “If it’s not broke we will keep messing with it until it is.” Pruett went on to say that he believed that the State would look at the situation pretty practically when it came to not being able to redistrict due to population distribution within the mandated 5%.

At the end of the meeting it was decided that one small change would be made and it would affect as few people as possible. The district lines will be moved slightly, to follow the geographical layout of the boarders, mainly taking non-inhabited forest areas into District #2 as well as shifting District #2’s west line slightly more west.

With no citizens present resisting the idea, the Commissioners made the change and now believe that we are as close to compliance as possible according to state statute.


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