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Deaton Takes Most Votes in Rattan School Board Re-Election

May 12, 2011

At the end of what seemed like a never ending battle to see who was going to be named to the Rattan School Board, Candidate Loyd Deaton once again took the majority of votes in the Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Re-Election. The final, but unofficial, vote totals were Loyd Deaton - 463 to Valerie Clay Merida - 433, a possible win of 30 votes. Totals will become official if nothing filed by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 13, 2011.

Voters who cast ballets at the Antlers City Library gave Deaton 12 votes and Merida 16; at the Catholic Church in Antlers and the Finley Community building no ballots were cast. The larger number of cast ballots were brought in at the Rattan School house with 278 going to Deaton and 262 going to Merida; voters who marked ballots at the Sobol Community Building preferred Merida over Deaton by voting 47 to 34; and at the Cloudy Community Building it seemed that voters were still torn as the votes were even 40 to 40. In absentee ballots for Pushmataha County 44 votes were for Merida and 40 votes were for Deaton. In absentee ballots for Choctaw County Deaton took 2 votes and Merida received 0. In Choctaw County Precinct 120319, Deaton received 49 votes and Merida snagged another 15; and in Choctaw County Precinct 120322 Deaton took 11 and Merida received 9.


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