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Deputy makes felony stop after driver waves gun

August 16, 2013

Pushmataha County Sheriffs Deputy Marzek radioed dispatch to inform them that he was going to need another Deputy to his location after he saw the driver of a blue pickup raise a rifle in the back glass.

Deputy Marzek was on patrol when he saw a pickup go partially into the ditch on Nelson Road when the two vehicles were getting ready to meet. According to the police report, the driver of the pickup waved at the deputy like he was glad to see him.

Deputy Marzek turned around and proceeded to follow the vehicle to make sure the driver wasn’t intoxicated, since he had already gone into the ditch. The pickup sped up and turned onto Brumfield road without signaling . Marzek also turned. The pickup then went back into the ditch and the driver appeared to be reaching into the passenger side of the vehicle for something. The pickup then again went into the ditch.

The deputy then began to initiate the stop with his lights and siren. After he activated his siren, Marzek saw the driver raise a rifle up into the back glass of the truck, clearly into his line of sight, put it back down, and then repeat the action. Marzek radioed dispatch at this time.

The pickup came to a very sudden stop and Deputy Marzek stopped and exited his unit with his duty weapon un-holstered and moved to the rear of his unit. He advised the driver to show him his hands and the driver placed both hands out the window. Marzek placed handcuffs on the driver and saw two rifles in the pickup.

Marzek cleared the rifles, one of which was chamber loaded and had several live rounds in the magazine. He asked the driver if there was anything else illegal in the vehicle and the driver said marijuana and methamphetamine were in his fanny pack.

Deputy Culver and Under sheriff Darell Nichols then arrived at the scene. Inside the pickup they found a needle, a baggie with crystal like substance, cut straw, razor, spoon, deer horn pipe, seeds, a baggie with a green leafy substance, and a small green smoking device. The leafy substance and crystal substance field tested positive as marijuana and methamphetamine.

The driver was identified as James Ray Read, a 49 year old white male of Antlers. Read was placed under arrest and read his rights. When asked Read said that the reason he had ran off the road was he was trying to unload the rifles, and that is what he was also doing when the Deputy saw the weapons. Read said the fanny pack and rifles were his.

Read was arrested for Controlled drug schedule II using MV; Use firearm/weapon commission of a felony; Marijuana (misdemeanor) using MV; Possession or selling of paraphernalia while using MV; Transporting loaded firearm in MV without possessing handgun permit.


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