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Family altercation leads to gun play

August 19, 2011

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A family altercation over tools turned to gun play and an Antlers man now faces charges of reckless conduct with a firearm.

Charges filed last week in district court stem from an August 6 incident involving an argument between Cy Ditzler, who was charged, and his son-in-law, Lee DeWitt.

According to reports filed in district court, Pushmataha County Sheriff’s Deputy Russell Bailey responded to a 911 call from DeWitt, who told dispatchers that Ditzler had fired shots at him. Shortly afterward, Ditzler made a 911 call and told dispatchers that DeWitt had tried to assault him and he had fired two shots to scare him away.

DeWitt told the deputy that he, his wife and another woman had been at the lake all day and returned to Ditzler’s residence that evening. An argument over tools ensued between DeWitt and Ditzler, and DeWitt admitted threatening Ditzler that if he did not stop yelling at him, and get out of his house, he would shoot him. Ditzler told Bailey that he went outside to wait on his wife, who was still inside the house, then remembered he had left his wallet inside and walked to the side door of the house to go get it, with two of his daughters.

DeWitt said he walked two steps into the house and Diztler pointed a gun at him, touching off another argument before Ditzler fired two rounds into the lower part of the door near him. He said when he saw Ditzler raise the gun, he left the house, pushing his daughters away from the doorway before the shots were fired.

Bailey also spoke to DeWitt’s wife, Deidra, who told the same story as her husband, but said she only heard the shots and did not see Ditzler fire the gun. The deputy also spoke to the woman who had been at the lake with the DeWitts and she told him she had heard the argument and the gunshots, but did not Ditzler fire the gun.

Ditzler told Bailey there had been an argument over some tools and that DeWitt had become aggressive and threatened him, so he had told him to leave his house. He said his daughter had come into the house, so he told her DeWitt was no longer welcome in his home. As she was leaving, she told him that her husband was mad and coming back in.

Ditzler said he went to his bedroom and got a pistol, since he is confined to a wheelchair and would not have been able to defend himself with it. He said DeWitt came back into the house and threatened him again. He told DeWitt to leave and fired two shots after he continued into the house. He said he did not see his granddaughters anywhere near the house.


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