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Help Yourself: Water

August 16, 2012

By Tracy Steffenson

It’s time to toss the old advice to guzzle eight glasses of water a day out the proverbial window. Your fluid needs fluctuate based on what you eat, what medications you take, your activity level, and your climate. How do you tell if your drinking enough?

Your urine color! Grossed our? Don’t be, taking care of yourself is nothing to be grossed out about. And to tell you the truth, most of us forget to do it. If your urine is clear or pale yellow, your good. If it is darker than that, drink more fluids!

It’s ok to skip the ice! In a classic study, sippers most enjoyed aqua that was around 59 degrees. They reported that it was refreshing, but not cold enough to put your brain into Arctic shock. Icy H2O offers no advantage in cooling your core, your sweat glands handle that for you.

Sipping isn’t the only way to wet your whistle. About 20% of your fluid intake, for the average person, comes from food - and not just cucumbers and watermelon. White rice and white chicken meat both contain about 60% water. It adds up!

Water too boring for you? If you often reach for one of those flavored waters, keep in mind that some brands are loaded with more sugar per serving than a candy bar! Skip those liquid calories and add a refreshing twist by adding citrus to your glass. Fresh orange, lemon or lime slices, or some bodacious berries, will add the kick your taste buds are looking for.

Suspicious of seltzer? Don’t be! Research has debunked the rumors that carbonated water erodes teeth and weakens bones. One caveat: avoid fizzy drinks if you are prone to acid reflux.

When water is involved, the sky is the limit, quite literally. Happy sipping!


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