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I Didn’t Do It Officer!

August 10, 2011

By Tracy Steffenson

Sometimes I stop and wonder if anyone else notices some of the same circular irony of the saying, “Weak and low self-esteem people will belittle others to boost their own ego,” when it dawned on me just how many times a day I am accused of crimes I didn’t commit.

Think about it ! Say you were at a gas station where you planned on purchasing a soda and a bag of chips. Now a days it comes to about $3.76 or so. You hand the cashier a $20 and they all but call you a forger. They never come right out and say it but they take out the little yellow marker and put a line on the bill to see it if was made by the U.S. Treasury and not a printing press in your basement. Ok passed that one, wheeew, oh wait they still think you are up to something as they hold it to the light and check for watermarks. If you pass both of those you get to leave with your goodies.

Another one of my favorites is the good old, “Can I see your driver’s license?” when you are trying to purchase something with your debit card. Oh don’t get me wrong I don’t mind them making sure it is really me who is using my card, it is why they I.D. me that upsets me.

This is a conversation I once had with a cashier. Cashier: “I’m sorry Miss but I can’t accept this card.” Me: “Pardon me, why not?” Cashier: “Because the back isn’t signed.” Me: “Here is my driver’s license to prove it is my card.” Cashier: “I’m sorry... I still can’t accept this card unless you sign the back. Do you need a pen?”

HELLLLOOOOOO can we say stupid? My name is on the card, my name and photo is on my DL and you still wont take my card? Then screw you I am going to a different store. (who by the way let me use my card!)

The reason they I.D. me is because the back of my debit card isn’t signed, and it never ever will be. I will never give in and sign it because the logic behind it is missing. This is something I have never understood. You can use those cards as debit or credit (ahem) and I am not showing someone else how to forge my signature so that even my bank thinks it was me. Thank you very much. Needless to say when I tried to explain this reasoning to the cashier, it created a logic gap that neither of us could traverse.

But seriously, if I was a criminal I wouldn’t be risking it on a purchase of less than $20, which it was... it came out to $13.76.

It is amazing that throughout ones life they do things that they very well could have been taken to jail for, or at least given a ticket, and no one thinks anything of it. But do not, under any circumstances, try to buy things with your own money! I’m just saying!


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