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Lady Cats bring home 1st Place

February 2, 2012

Tushka All-Tournament Team Winners were Sophomore Tanner Brown, Junior Megan Brame, Junior Harlan House and Senior Railey Gardner.’

This week our Bearcats and Lady Cats traveled to Tushka for the AmeriState Invitational Tournament. In the first round our Bearcats were facing our neighbors the Moyers Tigers. The first half stayed pretty close with Sophomore Tanner Brown putting up 9 points, 4 rebounds, shooting 100% from the free-throw line. The buzzer sounded on the first half with a score of 19-23 Bearcats. Helping the Tigers out were Brandon Slocum with 12 points, and Jake Dudley with 8. The second half our Bearcats were able to maintain a small lead with Jr. Harlan House scoring 8 points, and Jr. Bryce Martin was also at the top of the 2nd half stat sheet scoring 6 points, 7 rebounds helping secure the win with a final score of 48-37 Bearcats.

In the second round our Bearcats played the Tournament's host, the Tushka Tigers. The first period was a close match with Sr. Dakota Turner at the top of the stat sheet with 7 points, and 3 steals. Jr. Jakub "Jimmy" Mician was also a big player in the first half with 6 points, 3 rebounds and 100% from the free-throw line. The first half would prove to be a very tight ballgame ending with a tie score of 21-21. In the second half our Bearcats were able to settle down and do what they do with Soph Tanner Brown scoring 12 points, shooting 60% from the free-throw line as well as Jr. Harlan House scored 11 points and shooting 80% from the free-throw line helping get another W for our mighty Bearcats with a final score of 51-42.

Now our Bearcats are in the Championship round against the number 1 (class A) team in the state the, Wright City LumberJax. The first period was a very close back and forth with every basket we made they answered, ending the first period tied at 10-10. Going into the second period Wright City was able to gain a small lead over our Bearcats, with Jr. Harlan House at the top of the stat sheet with 9 points 2 rebounds. Jr. Jakub "Jimmy" Mician was also at the top of the stat sheet with 5 points, shooting 67% of FG a/m, ending the first half with a score of 18-25 LumberJax. In the second half Wright City was able to gain and maintain a small lead over our Bearcats with Soph. Tanner Brown at the top of this half's stat sheet with 14 points shooting 50% from the free-throw line, as well as Jr. Jakub "Jimmy" Mician scoring 5 point, and 5 rebounds. In the end Wright City would just prove to be too much with their NBA 3's and inability to miss ending this game with a score of 60-46, giving our Bearcats a well earned 2nd place in the AmeriState Invitational.

Now on to our Lady Cats, who in the first round was matched against the Stringtown Tigers. This game would prove to be a blow out game for our girls and an easy win. Sr. Hailey Garman won the tip-off setting our Lady Cats up for their dominating performance, with Sr. Taylor Tedder putting up 12 pts and 12 rebounds shooting 71% of FG a/m. Soph. Kendie Bryant was second on the stat sheet with 10 points, 3 steals, shooting 100% of FG a/m, helping to ensure a victory for our Lady Cats with a run-a-away score of 54-12. In the second round our Lady Cats would face the Hartshorne Miners. This game would also prove to be an easy game for our Lady Cats with Jr. Megan Brame putting up 16 points, 5 assists, and shooting 100% of 3 pointers a/m.
Second in line on this game's stat sheet was Sr. Taylor Tedder with 10 points, shooting 80 of FG a/m, ending the game with a score of 65-31, moving our

Lady Cats to the final championship round facing Wright City Lady Jax. This game was a much closer and harder fought game than the first two, going into this game both teams had only lost 3 games for the season. The first period was very close with a back and forth scoring on both ends ending the first period in a score of 11-17 Lady Jax. The second period was also very close, however, our Lady Cats were able to take the lead with Jr. Megan Brame scoring 13 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists. Second in line was Meagan Wilbourn with 9 points, and 6 rebounds. Ending the first half with a score of 31-23 Lady Cats.

The second half would also prove to be and "edge of your seat" ballgame with Wright City's Lady Jaxs, keeping up with our Lady Cats ended the 3rd period with a score of 40-34 Lady Cats. Soph. Cheyenne Simpson was next in line on the stat sheet scoring 9 points, 11 rebounds shooting 60% of FG a/m. The forth period our Lady Cats were able to maintain their lead and in the last few minutes it would become a ballgame of fouls and free-throws with Jr. Megan Brame and Soph. Meagan Wilbourn shooting 60% from the free throw line helping ensure a victory and Championship Title and trophy for our Lady Cats!

Making the All Tournament Teams for the AmeriState Invitational were: Soph. Tanner Brown, Jr. Megan Brame, Jr. Harlan House, and Sr. Railey Beth Garnder, who was also named tournament MVP. Congratulations to both teams and Coach Roland Branton and Coach Austin Linley and his Champion Lady Cats!!!

Overall Leaders in Stats so far for the 2011-2012 season to date ending 13 games: Boys Varsity record 9/4: 1. Jr. Bryce Martin 167 points, 93 rebounds, 11 steals, 26 assists; 2. Jr. Jakub "Jimmy" Micien 136 points 74 rebounds, 14 steals, 39 assists; 3. Jr. Harlan House 126 points, 33 rebounds, 12 steals, 20 assists; 4. Soph. Tanner Brown 84 points, 56 rebounds, 13 steals, 27 assists; 5. Sr. Dakota Turner 74 points, 70 rebounds, 13 steals, 17 assists.

Girls Varsity record 10/3: 1. Sr. Taylor Tedder 117 points 99 rebounds, 32 steals, 15 assists; 2. Sr. Railey Gardner 104 points, 22 rebounds, 35 steals, 24 assists; 3. Jr. Megan Brame 76 points, 43 rebounds, 24 steals, 28 assists; 4. Sr. Hailey Garman 68 points28 rebounds, 23 steals, 6 assists; 5. Jr. Chelsi Thomas 57 points, 22 rebounds, 14 steals, 15 assists.

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