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LadyCats get a ‘W’ at first home game!

January 10, 2014

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In the first home game of our 2013-2014 season, our LadyCats and Bearcats were set to play the Wilburton Diggers. Both our girls and boys team had already met the Diggers in the Pick and Shovel Invitational hosted by Hartshorne, in which our girls lost to the Lady Diggers and our boys team beat their boy’s team in a 48-40 victory.

In the first game of the evening our Ladies were out for redemption having lost to them the once already in their season opening game. The game started off with a fairly even pace ending the first period with only a 4 point margin 11-7 LadyCats. Sr. Meagan Wilbourn was amazing both offensively and defensively with 12 points, 9 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 assist. Sr. Kendie Bryant was consistent as always with 7 points, 7 rebounds, 0 steals and 1 assist. In the second period our LadyCats started to widen the point margin, out-scoring them in 9-6, ending the first half in a score of 20-13 LadyCats.

The second half was a very close score and answer game with our LadyCats only out- scoring them by 2 in the 3rd period. Fr. JaLeigh Holder and Sr. Cheyenne Simpson both had 6 points apiece with 5 rebounds each. Jr. Jalena Author and Fr. Neely Noel contributed 5 points piece, helping our Ladies seal the deal. In the last period the Lady Diggers fought to make a comeback, but fell just short ending with a 45-45 LadyCats score. Great Job Ladies!!

In the second game of the evening our Bearcats were ready to play, however this time it was the Diggers who were out for redemption. Tip-off was won by Sr. Tanner Brown, which started a very fast paced 1st period, each team answering the other’s run, ending the first period with only a one point margin 10-11 Diggers. In the second period the Diggers would widen the point margin slightly ending the first half 22-15. Sr. Tanner Brown was the leading scorer for this game with 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 steals.

It seemed our boys were trying something different this game, which Wilburton decided to take advantage of widening the point margin even further in the 3rd period ending it 31-21 Diggers. Sr. Drew McKnight had a good night with 8 points, and 1 rebound, with Sr. Morgan Nabors right behind him with 4 points, 2 rebounds, 1 steal, and 2 assists. As I stated earlier the Diggers were out for redemption and try as hard as our boys might, the Diggers would take this one home with a 42-32 victory.

Game Stats Girls
1. Sr. Meagan Wilbourn 12p, 9r, 5s, 1a
2. Sr. Kendie Bryant 7p, 7r, 0s, 1a
3. Fr. JaLeigh Holder 6p, 7r, 0s, 1a
4. Sr. Cheyenne Simpson 6p, 5r, 4s, 2a
5. Jr. Jalena Author 5p, 6r, 0s, 0a
6. Fr. Neely Noel 5p, 2r, 1s, 0a

1. Sr. Tanner Brown 15p, 7r, 3s, 0a
2. Sr. Drew McKnight 8p, 1r, 0s, 0a
3. Sr. Morgan Nabors 4p, 2r, 1s, 2a
4. Sr. Zack Speer 3p, 0r, 1s, 1a
5. Sr. David Jobe 2p, 6r, 0s, 1a

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