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Local writer publishes third book

November 8, 2012

Nancy Pyle signs a book for her neighbor, Kade Embry.

Pushmataha County author, Nancy Pyle, has just brought out her third children’s book, “The Little Old Woman and her Pig”, a folk tale that she has illustrated with bright pictures of a pioneer woman coping with a difficult situation.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Mrs. Pyle, “Pigs are such fun to draw!”

Her first two books, “Down on the Ranch” and “Alphabet Country” are also full of bright illustrations depicting country life.

Mrs. Pyle will be holding a book signing at the Antlers Public Library on Saturday, November 3, 2012, between 9:00 a.m. and 12-noon.

Mrs. Pyle, a librarian before marriage, expressed her surprise about the whole thing and excitement. Her books illustrations are her way of celebrating the way of life in the valley where she lives.

“It was almost an accident,” she explains. “I was snowbound in an airport for seven hours with my daughter Emily, telling her how guilty I felt that my son’s daughter was nearly three and I had barely started on her baby quilt. Emily said, ‘Face it, Mom, you’re not a quilter, but you can write and draw. Make her a book!’.”

“So we sat right there in the airport and plotted out the counting book, and when I got home I started messing around with pencils and paints, and after two or three months, I had a book for Josie!

Originally Mrs. Pyle only had fifteen copies printed of the book, simply because it was just a present for Jose and a few copies for family and friends, but people liked it so much that she went back and had more of them printed.

“People are buying them,” she said. “It’s kind of thrilling.”

The success of the first book, as well as the discovery that small children grow fast from numbers to letters, inspired the logical next step. Mrs. Pyle set out to do something interesting in the way of an alphabet book.

“The idea behind it,” says the author, “is that the grown-up sits with the child, reading the words on the page as they the letters together. For example, on the F page, there are 20 F’s woven into the paragraph. I was lucky enough to be able to work with a five-year-old neighbor who was quite enthusiastic about the project and had no trouble understanding the idea.”


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