Nation present for dedication ceremony

Tracy Steffenson
Staff Writer

Members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, including Chief Batton, traveled to Ireland recently to take part in the unveiling of the 'Kindred Spirits' sculpture in Cork.
This statue is to commemorates a donation made by the Choctaw Nation to Ireland during the Great Famine.
In 1847, the nation donated a total of $170 (the equivalent of more than $4,000 today) when they heard of the scale of starvation and deaths caused by the potato crop failures in Ireland.
The Choctaw tribe made the donation while other wealthier nations effectively ignored the disaster in Ireland.
The sculpture was designed by Cork artist Alex Pentek and is composed of nine, seven-metre high eagle feathers reaching towards the sky.

Pictured: Two cultures came together recently to celebrate life and honor. The spirit of the Choctaw Nation was welcomed into Ireland by the planting of a sacred oak tree in Bailick Park, Midleton, Cork County, on June 18, 2017.