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April 19, 2012

Act of Valor by Dick Couch. A novelization based on the movie inspired by true events. When the rescue of a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the discovery of a deadly terrorist plot against the U.S., a team of SEALs is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt.

Adam by Ted Dekker. FBI behavioral psychologist Daniel Clark becomes the latest victim of a serial killer known as Eve, and the experience left him clinically dead for twenty minutes, leaving Daniel obsessed with rebuilding those twenty lost minutes, even if it means cheating death once more, in order to track down the killer before another victim suffers.

Crossroads by Belva Plain. The owner of a New England glassworks company, widow Cassie Wright struggles to raise her surviving child, Gwen, in the face of unbearable tragedy, but as Gwen blossoms into an independent young woman, dissention drives the two apart, until Gwen has her own child, a little girl who reunites the estranged family.

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter. Anya, the goddess of anarchy, becomes infatuated with Lucien, the incarnation of death, and though he has been sent to escort her soul to Hell, the passion they feel for each other leads them to defy the orders of their superiors and become allies in a quest to find an ancient relic that could be used to separate them forever.

The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter. Ashlyn Darrow embarks on a life-changing adventure when she travels to Budapest in hopes that a group of men rumored to have supernatural abilities can help rid her of the voices from the past that have tormented her since childhood, and meets Maddox, a dangerous man who awakens her to an irresistible passion.

The Darkest Pleasure by Gena Showalter. Reyes, bound by the demon of pain, is forbidden to know pleasure, but he is willing to defy the gods and risk death to possess Danika Ford, a mortal woman on the run from the Lords of the Underworld, and whose dreams are haunted by Reyes.

Dead of Night by Randy Wayne White. Biologist Marion "Doc" Ford reluctantly agrees to check on a friend's reclusive brother, a hydrobiologist who has stopped answering his telephone,and arrives to find him being tortured by two Russians, the pursuit of whom leads Doc to a deadly plot by land developers to pollute the Texas water supply in order to drive down property values and allow them to snatch up the cheap land.

Dick Francis's Gamble by Felix Francis. Nick "Foxy" Foxton returns to Aintree as a spectator years after a near-fatal accident stole his dreams of being a world-class jockey, only to witness his American colleague Herb Kovak shot at close range, and a threatening note found in Kovak's pocket makes Foxy question how well he really knew his friend, and whether the legacy Kovak left him is a gift or a poisoned chalice.

Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Crusie. Abby, Daisy, and Shar get into romantic entanglements in Summerville while taking care of their dogs and having encounters with ancient goddesses who threaten to take over Southern Ohio.

Executive Privilege by Phillip Margolin. Private detective Dana Cutler is called upon to follow a young college student named Charlotte Walsh and report on her activities; however, when she turns up dead after a secret meeting at the White House, Cutler becomes a suspect.

The Far Canyon by Elmer Kelton. In 1874 Jeff Layne, a Confederate veteran and reformed hide hunter sick of killing both men and buffalo, is on his way back to Texas to revive the family ranch, which fell into carpetbagger hands. Sequel to: Slaughter.

Foreign Body by Robin Cook. UCLA medical student Jennifer Hernandez is shocked when she learns that her beloved grandmother has died following hip replacement surgery in a hospital in New Delhi, India, and when her attempts to learn what happened meet with resistance, she calls upon her friend New York City medical examiner Dr. Laurie Montgomery for help, and together the women uncover a sinister conspiracy of global proportions.

Lacy by Diana Palmer. Lacy struggles to rekindle the bond she shared with Cole Whitehall after his return from fighting in World War I reveals a cold and distant man, but after the couple is forced to marry, Lacy's drive to understand Cole's emotional burdens begins to warm his heart.

Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward. Tohrment, the vampire leader, begins to see his dead beloved, Wellsie, in his dreams where he sees that she is miserable and stuck in limbo and when he turns to an angel to help set her free Tohr finds Autumn who he believes can help him set his beloved free.

Mind Game by Christine Feehan. GhostWalker Nicolas Trevane sets out to rescue Dahlia Le Blanc, a government operative with astonishing telekinetic talents, targeted by a traitor who has hired mercenaries to kill her.

The Parsifal Mosaic by Robert Ludlum. Michael Havelock, top agent for Cons Op, a secret branch of the State Department, uncovers "a conspiracy that threatens to blow the world apart.".

Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. The coming of summer to Appalachia's Zebulon Mountain brings a blossoming in nature as well as in the lives of reclusive wildlife biologist Deanna Wolfe, young hunter Eddie Bondo, transplanted city-girl Lusa Landowski, and a pair of elderly, feuding neighbors.

The Rose Legacy by Kristen Heitsmann. Italian heiress Carina Maria DeGratia arrives in Crystal, Colorado to find that things are not as she had imagined, but she is tempted into staying by the lure of natural beauty, the promise of independence, and the attentions of two men.

Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan. GhostWalker Kane Cannon's newest assignment takes him on a mission to rescue hostages in Mexico and lands him in the hiding place of Rose Patterson, a fugitive and ex-lover who is pregnant with his child. As their passion reignites, they face their greatest challenge of all: to stay together and stay alive.

Shadow Game by Christine Feehan.

Sinner by Ted Dekker. Gifted orators Darcy Lange and Billy Rediger, with the backing of the persuasive Marsuvees Black, convince the government to pass a law banning racial and religious speech and classifying it as hate speech which carries a harsh punishment, and Johnny Drake, a follower of Christ, refuses to allow the new legislation to stand.

Street Game by Christine Feehan. Mack McKinley, who leads a mechanical team of Ghostwalkers into urban warfare on the streets of San Francisco, is reunited with Jaimie, the woman he once had a passionate love affair with, but Jaimie wants Mack to help her confront an enemy that could destroy them both.

Summer at the Lake by Andrew M. Greeley. A tragic car accident severs the friendship between Leo Kelly, Jane Devlin, and Packy Keenan, with Leo going off to war, Jane rushing into a bad marriage, and Packy entering the priesthood, but the three are reunited thirty years later in Chicago where they try to recapture lost love.

Sweet Boundless by Kristen Heitzmann. Carina DeGratia Shepard, abandoned by her husband Quillan, decides to defy her feelings of rejection and create a new life for herself in Crystal, Colorado, and hopes to discover the secret that is holding her husband's heart and soul hostage.

The Tender Vine by Kristen Heitzmann. Italian heiress Carina DiGratia Shepard returns home to California with her husband Quillan, hoping to heal her heart and her marriage in the vineyards of her youth, but she finds only opposition from her family, as well as from an old beau who is determined to win her back.

Thr3e by Ted Dekker. Kevin Parson is drawn into a violent game of cat and mouse when a mysterious voice on his cell phone demands he confess his sin or risk the destruction of his home, family, career, and possibly even the country.

Tough to Tame by Diana Palmer. Cappie is alarmed at her boss, veterinarian Bently Rydel's gruff nature and frequent ranting, but with time comes understanding and it is not long before understanding turns to love.

Where There's Smoke by Sandra Brown. When the matriarch of the powerful Tackett family tries to drive Dr. Lara Mallory, who played a role in the scandal that destroyed the political ambitions of Senator Clark Tackett, out of town, Lara teams up with the rebellious youngest Tackett son to find the secret that can bring the Tackett Oil empire down.

The Zero Game by Brad Meltzer. Bored congressional aides Matthew Mercer and Harris Sandler are invited to join the Zero Game, a contest in which players bet on seemingly inconsequential matters such as how many times a senator will say a certain word, but they find themselves pursued by a determined assassin when they question the outcome of what they thought was a sure-thing wager on the sale of an abandoned South Dakota gold mine.

The Rattan Rams have been named the Class A Regional Baseball Champions and are now on their way...
Lady Rams, Rams, Bulldogs advance to Area Bearcats, Lady Cats continue Regional play The Lady Rams...
Three Pushmataha County girls competed in a gymnastics meet December 6 at Big C.A.T.S....


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