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Overview of candidates for U.S. Representative of District #2

June 21, 2012

There are a total of nine candidates running for the Congressional office of U.S. Representative of District 2, which was previously held by Dan Boren.

The six Republican candidates include:

Markwayne Mullins (R): According to Mullin’s campaign, he is an eastern Oklahoma native, successful businessman, rancher, family man and youth leader in his church. Mullin believes in a limited government, cutting spending, that the 2nd Amendment, excessive government regulations, like those promulgated by the EPA, harm job growth, is a pro-life conservative, we spend too much on foreign aid, that traditional marriage, between one man and one woman, is a sacred institution that must be preserved, that America must stand with Israel, that ObamaCare must be repealed, that we must protect America’s borders to stop illegal immigration and should be strengthened against illegal immigration and law enforcement given the resources for enforcement.

Dustin Rowe (R): According to Rowe’s campaign, he was elected as Mayor of Tishomingo at the age of 18. He later worked for U. S. Senator Don Nickles in Washington. He believes that nothing is more important than the promise of Social Security to senior citizens, Obamacare needs to be repealed, higher taxes is not necessary, nor is it acceptable or responsible, self-imposed term limits by conservatives simply creates an unleveled playing field and I will not agree to a term limit, People have a right to keep and bear arms, support our military during wartime and when they return home, our nation must honor life from conception to natural death, and rights and obligations should be reserved to the states.

Dwayne Thompson (R): According to Thompson’s campaign he offers the choice for a true fiscal and moral conservative. He is characterize as a hard working, authentic, man of integrity. He grew up north of Owasso and was raised in a blue collar, union family. A moral and fiscal conservative, he believes in the sanctity of life and traditional marriage. He believes in a limited, efficient government, a balanced budget amendment and is a strong supporter of the Constitution, especially the right to bear arms.

George Faught (R): According to Faught’s campaign: he has lived in Muskogee since he was less than a year old. His family operated a dairy farm, that impressed on him the value of hard work, the importance of responsibility, and a heart for serving others. He shares conservative, traditional values. He his served three terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He has a 100% Pro-Life voting record, is Pro-traditional marriage, feels illegal immigration is a drain on our local hospitals, schools, and law enforcement agencies as well as our government funded services, cut the size of government by returning to Constitutional principles of limited government and personal responsibility, add Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and cut government spending.

Wayne Pettigrew (R): According to Pettigrew’s campaign: He was born in McAlester and served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1994-2004. Balanced Budget Amendment. He believes in and will support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution, focusing on jobs, establish lower, flatter tax rates, repeal Obama administration regulations that have given bureaucrats unprecedented power and stifle economic growth, reform our legal liability system, promote free, but fair, international trade and develop an energy policy that promotes domestic production, crackdown on illegal immigration, taking Social Security back to an “Off Budget” trust fund and he will strongly support Israel in Congress.

Dakota Wood (R): According to Wood’s campaign: he was born in St. Louis, his family moved to Claremore, OK in 1978 where Dakota and his family reside today. He retired from the Marine Corps in 2005. He supports and will defend a strict constructionist reading and application of the US Constitution, believes we should scrap our current tax code and replace it with either a flat or national consumption tax, he supports the 2nd Amendment right of Americans to keep and bear firearms, he is pro-life, believes marriage should be strictly defined as consisting of one man and one woman, and believes that ObamaCare is unconstitutional, damaging to the national economy, and is antithetical to the principles of individual choice and free-market capitalism. ObamaCare should be repealed.

The three Democratic candidates include:

Rob Wallace (D): According to Wallace’s campaign: He is a fourth generation Oklahoman, and knows Oklahoman values like faith, family, and hard work and currently lives in Ft. Gibson. Wallace served as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma in Muskogee under a Democratic and Republican administration. Wallace was elected District Attorney of LeFlore and Latimer counties. He believes that government doesn't create jobs, but it has a strong role to play in helping businesses create jobs, provide tax credits to small businesses that create jobs, Eliminate the death tax for family farms, reduce the costs associated with health care benefits on small business, oppose unfair trade deals, use Oklahoma's Natural Gas and Natural Resources to create Oklahoma jobs, help our Veterans secure good jobs - after they've helped secure our country and rebuild our infrastructure.

Wayne Herriman (D): According to Herriman’s campaign, he was born in Muskogee and has lived and working Oklahoma his entire life. He is a respected small businessman, he currently owns and operates Sunburst Seed Company and Holman Seed Farm. He served two years in the United States Army. He states that he is going to Congress with one thing on my agenda, to get America back to work. He says he has spent his life building a business, worked the land and knows a hard days work. He thinks that it's Main Street enterprise that creates jobs and makes our country prosperous. He says that he will bring all of his skills and experience to getting this country back on track.

Earl E. Everett (D): No substantial amount of information could be found about Everett but according to the campaign list this is what is known: Earl E. Everett, 78, of Ft. Gibson is retired, single, attends the Church of Christ, is active in the American Legion and has no arrest record. No information is know about his political platform or agenda if elected to office.

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