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Pushmataha County Homecoming

May 10, 2012

With Pushmataha County's Homecoming events just around the corner (June) what do you think will take place this year?

Do you think it will be better, worse or the same as last year?

Do you attend and why or why not?

Let your opinions be heard here!

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Push Cnty Homecoming

May 16, 2012 by KeepingINtouch (not verified), 3 years 10 weeks ago
Comment: 882

It will probably be the same as last year, which for the past few years it hasn't really been all that great, to much of the same thing never ending horses and four wheelers, none is anything special. Well the horses are they are beautiful creatures. However people should try to decorate their four wheelers up, I don't know maybe push county should have a vote on the best "decorated" four wheeler! If you have seen one four wheeler you have seen them all there. I go just so my kids can enjoy the fire trucks and ambulance and police cars, some of the horses. We like the floats, and we also like the old model cars. That is why we go there....


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