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The race is on! Runoff election to be held August 28th

August 24, 2012

With the runoff election just around the corner, it is time to finalize who you are going to vote for, if you haven't already decided.

Citizens will take to the poles again on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 to decide who will get the job of Pushmataha County Sheriff and narrow down the candidates to the final two for the position of United States Representative for District 2.

On the ballet for Pushmataha County Sheriff, you will decide between John Arthur and Terry Duncan.

Terry Duncan has been a longtime resident of Pushmataha County and owned two businesses in the area. He states that he has strong Christian values, understands the importance of honesty and hard work. Terry also states that he understands the communities concern with a growing drug problem, burglaries, thefts and violence. He ensures citizens that everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.

John Arthur is also a longtime resident of Pushmataha County and has served our country as a part of the U.S. Navy. He states that he is the only candidate with continuance certified full-time law enforcement experience uninterrupted since 1998, with Pushmataha County Sheriff's office experience, that is CLEET Certified, and that is qualified to address the expansions and necessary changes required for our county to flourish into the next four years and thereafter.

“It is important for every citizen of Pushmataha County to get out and vote,” said Pushmataha County Election Board Secretary Jack Matthews. “The only way to get your voice heard is to vote.”

Matthews also stressed the importance of voters to bring a form of identification with them when they come to vote. Voters who do not have an I.D. will not be allowed to vote. Voters can bring their Voter Identification Card, Drivers License or a Photo I.D.

Candidates contending for your votes for US Representative for District 2 include: Republicans: George Faught and Markwayne Mullin; and Democrats: Rob Wallace and Wayne Herriman.

George Faught (R): According to Faught's campaign: he has lived in Muskogee since he was less than a year old. His family operated a dairy farm, which impressed on him the value of hard work, the importance of responsibility, and a heart for serving others. He shares conservative, traditional values and has served three terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He has a Pro-Life voting record, is Pro-traditional marriage, feels illegal immigration is a drain on hospitals, schools, and law enforcement, as well as our government funded services. He is for returning to Constitutional principles of limited government and personal responsibility, wishes to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and cut government spending.

Markwayne Mullins (R): According to Mullin's campaign, he is an eastern Oklahoma native, successful businessman, rancher, family man and youth leader in his church. Mullin believes in a limited government, cutting spending, that the 2nd Amendment, excessive government regulations, is a pro-life conservative, believes in traditional marriage and believes we spend too much on foreign aid. He also feels that ObamaCare must be repealed, that we must protect America's borders to stop illegal immigration and should be strengthened against illegal immigration and law enforcement given the resources for enforcement.

Rob Wallace (D): According to Wallace's campaign: He is a fourth generation Oklahoman, and knows Oklahoman values like faith, family, and hard work. Wallace served as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma in Muskogee under a Democratic and Republican administration. Wallace was elected District Attorney of LeFlore and Latimer counties. He believes that government doesn't create jobs, but it has a strong role to play in helping businesses create jobs, provide tax credits to small businesses that create jobs, Eliminate the death tax for family farms, reduce the costs associated with health care benefits on small business, oppose unfair trade deals, use Oklahoma's Natural Gas and Natural Resources to create Oklahoma jobs, help our Veterans secure good jobs - after they've helped secure our country and rebuild our infrastructure.

Wayne Herriman (D): According to Herriman's campaign: he was born in Muskogee and has lived and worked in Oklahoma his entire life. He is a small businessman; he currently owns and operates Sunburst Seed Company and Holman Seed Farm. He served two years in the United States Army. He states that he is going to Congress with one thing on his agenda, to get America back to work. He says he has spent his life building a business, worked the land and knows a hard days work. He thinks that it's Main Street enterprise that creates jobs and makes our country prosperous. He says that he will bring all of his skills and experience to getting this country back on track.

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