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Sen. Inhofe visits Antlers

August 30, 2012

Sen. Inhofe

Senator James Inhofe met with residents of Pushmataha County last week at the Wildlife Heritage Center Museum in Antlers.

“Inhofe's visit is a very good thing for the community and a great use of the facility,” said Verne Jackson, operator of the Wildlife Heritage Center Museum. “We are open for all parties and candidates to use and I am glad that they are. His visit [Inhofe] gives us and the City of Antlers more exposure.”

Inhofe made it clear that he does not like President Obama as he spoke to the crowd about his disagreements with the President, specifically citing spending, defense, over-regulation, and what he calls "Obama's war on fossil fuels."

“If you're an 'Obama Democrat' you won't like me because I don't like Obama,” Inhofe stated. “All Liberals believe we don't need a military. They think if we [the world] just stand in a circle and hold hands there will be no more conflict.”

Inhofe answered questions from the crowd and took the opportunity to talk about his highway bill - which was recently passed by both chambers of Congress. The measure allows states more flexibility when it comes to spending federal dollars to repair aging roadways.

Attendees expressed mixed emotions about Senator Inhofe. While some think he is a “great man to have representing our area”, while others stated he is a “brass and pompous individual who is a little out of touch with what people from our area want.”

“We have an election coming up,” said Inhofe. “Major changes will happen. Republicans will take control, you can write that down because it is going to happen.”


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