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April 18, 2013

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.
Congress has recently passed legislation, SAFER (Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Reporting), that will help eliminate the enormous back log of unsolved sexual assault/rape cases.

Every 2 minutes in the U.S. someone (make or female) is sexually assaulted. While historically most victims are females it can and does happen to males. Each year over 200,000 people are sexually assaulted, however this crime is very underreported and it is estimated that the figure could rise as high as 500,000 victims as 54% of the assaults go unreported!

80% of victims are under 30 of the percentage 44% are under 18. 97% of rapist never spend one day in jail. 2/3 of all rapes/sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. 58% are actually friends or acquaintances.

As a victim of sexual assault it is vital that the victim receive medical attention whether they want to report the crime to law enforcement or not. It is important to be tested for possible STD’s or Emergency contraception (AKA-the morning after pill).

Sexual Assault is a crime of opportunity, motive and control. It is due to overwhelming desire of the person assaulted.

There are some steps that u can take to protect yourself from a sexual assault.
1) Go with a group of trusted friends.
2) Trust your instincts.
3) DO NOT leave your drink unattended.
4) Don’t accept drinks from people you do not know or trust.
5) Watch out for your friends and vice versa.
6) If you suspect that you or a friend has been drugged contact law enforcement immediately or call 911.

If someone is pressuring you;
1) Remember that being in this situation is not your fault.
2) Be true to yourself, If you don’t want to don’t!
3) Have a code word with friends or family
4) Lie; have somewhere where to be or you don’t feel well
5) Try to think of an escape route
6) If you or the other persons has been drinking, wait until you both have full judgment.


Whether it is female or male, young or old.

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual violence, please contact you local law enforcement or SOS for Families at 888-286-3369. toll free or 580-212-7599. ALL SERVICES ARE FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL.


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