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Tea Party News: Congressman Mullin appointed to two committees

December 13, 2012

By Butch Morris

Markwayne Mullin, our new congressional representative, came to see us last Wednesday evening. He is going to all the counties in his district to ask, firsthand, what are the concerns of his constituents.

Markwayne is one of the most approachable and down to earth politicians you will every meet. I think we did well electing him. Of course that is one of those deals where time will tell.

Markwayne has made his first visit to Washington for Freshman Orientation. He gave us an idea what it is like being a new congressman on the first day. He said that the first thing that happened was they split up the Democrats and Republicans. This may tell us a lot about why elected officials can’t seem to get together on anything.

Of the the initial stops was the Ethics Committee. This is where the do’s and don’ts are pointed out to the new members. He asked a few questions of them that they couldn’t answer off the top of their heads. They are used to questions from lawyers and politicians, but not business people.

They were given their operational budget and instructions on setting up shop in DC. Markwayne said that Dan Boren has been very helpful to him with these issues. Of course Okies usually lend a helping hand to one another regardless of which team they happen to be on.

Markwayne has been assigned to two committees where his voice should be of value to Oklahomans. These are Natural Resources and Transportation and Infrastructure.

We would like to thank Congressman Mullin for this update and are looking forward to future updates from him and his field reps.

Push for a Better America is scheduling speakers from our congressional and senatorial offices for our 2013 monthly meetings. It is our desire to keep the public informed and provide the opportunity to have local voices heard on issues that effect them.

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