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Tea Party News: Democrat or Republican?

September 20, 2012

By Butch Morris

Should we send a Democrat or Republican to Congress this year? Does it matter?

In answer to the second question, yes, it does, if the past is any indication. Most national representatives vote the way their party votes. If you look at Obama Care, as I understand it, 60 percent of Americans were against it, yet the Democrats passed it.

Sometimes the Republicans are a bit eager to compromise on core issues.
Over the past few years, there is another group who have made an impact on the national scene. They are the Tea Party candidates. They are conservative and make no bones about it. They don't compromise on core issues.

Therefore, the powers that be on both sides of the aisle have some pretty ugly things to say about them.

That's okay, because most patriots are considered radical in their time and not welcomed by those in favor of the status quo.

In answer to the first question, that's up to you. Do you like things the way they're going or do you think we need to get back to the Constitution and the fundamentals that made America great?

This question will be answered on Nov. 6.

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