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Tea Party News: Liberals and Conservatices

April 19, 2012

By Butch Morris

Liberals and conservatives. Two terms you hear a lot these days. What do they really mean? A lot of people don’t really know.

Let’s look at what the dictionary says. Liberal (1) Characterized by or inclining toward opinions of policies favoring progress or reform, as in politics or religion (2) Not intolerant or prejudiced, broad minded (3) Characterized by generosity or lavishness in giving.

Conservative (1) Inclined to preserve the existing order of things, opposed to change (2) Moderate, cautious, a conservative estimate.
And in Canada and England we have the Conservative Party or the right wingers, and the Liberal Party or, as we would say, the left wingers.
Still confused? Simply put, the conservatives believe that the Constitution means what it says and every person has the right to pursue life, liberty or happiness in their own manner, as long as it’s within the rules and doesn’t encroach on anyone else. Conservatives believe in less government.

Liberals believe in more or bigger government. In other words, Big Brother needs to take care of us because we can’t take care of ourselves.
That’s about as simply as I can put it. Which side of the fence do you fall on?

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