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Tea Party News: Primary election getting close

June 7, 2012

By Butch Morris

You can tell that we’re getting close to election time by all the political signs and television ads. Personally I’ve never liked political signs but I suppose that they are a necessary evil. Did you ever see one that’s been on a tree for so long that you’ve forgotten who the guy is?

Another thing I don’t care for are TV attack ads. It’s like saying, “I don’t have anything good to tell you about myself so I’ll tell you about my opponent’s shortcomings. Real or imagined.” Come on guys! What are YOU gonna do?

The fact of the matter is we have to look at our candidates for office with whatever media is available and make the best decision we can. If possible, talk to the candidate. Look at his or her track record. if he or she had a political record. There are a lot of political newcomers in the upcoming election. In this case you have to look at what makes them uniquely qualified to represent you. Ask yourself, “Is this the person who speaks for me?”

And remember, you don’t get the government you pay for, you get the government you elect.


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