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Upcycling: Salvaged door coffee table

August 16, 2012

By Tracy Steffenson

Upcycling: the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or higher environmental value.

I’ve got a joke for you. When is a door not a door? When it is ajar! HAHA! Also? When it is an awesome upcycled coffee table.

For next to nothing you can create a unique, one-of-a-kind item for your space while saving the trees in the process. Now that is what I am talking about! Sound hard? Well it’s not. Sit back and I will walk you through this easy weekend DIY project.

The first thing you will need is an old door. The color, style and condition doesn’t really matter because you can change what you don’t like. The only important thing is that the door is solid and not rotted.

There are two ways you can make your table. One is with prefabricated legs that you will just attach to the bottom of the door creating a large, solid table and the other is to cut apart the door. The first way is perfect for larger spaces and the second is great if you want a more compact table.

As I said, the first way you can make your table is by attaching prefabricated legs to an old door. Not much prep work is needed as most want to preserve the patina of the old doors. I prefer using doors from like the 50’s or 60’s because they have a little more style but you can use whatever door you have. You will need four prefabricated legs, four mounting brackets and a clear varnish.

Attach the brackets to the underneath of your table (door), your brackets should come with screws. Then screw your legs into the brackets. Flip the table over and TA DA!!! Now you can do what you will. You can paint it or just use the clear varnish to seal in the character that has developed over the years. For an extra punch of special, leave on the hardware and door knob!

Option two is a little more in-depth and will take a little more time to finish. You will need a circular saw, a straight edge, wood screws, a drill with various sized bits, wood glue and four casters (optional).

Now chop the door up! Wait, wait! Measure your door first and cut it into three sections. If you are starting with a five pocket door, three pockets will make the top and one pocket will make each side. Cut appropriately. I can’t give you any specific dimensions or measurements since all doors will be different.

Your legs will sit under the top, line up the edges and screw in place. Before you screw you may want to apply wood glue for extra stability. If you want your screws to be set into the table you can pre-drill holes to allow your screws to be flush with the surface.

This is the point that you are kind of on your own. You can customize your table as you wish. Paint it, add fabric, add a shelf or ad casters to the bottom of the legs. Your cash is the limit!


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