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September 20, 2013

BY Robert A. (Bob) Kinsler, US Army, Ret, DAV, VFW Post 3658, Adjutant/PAO (Public Affairs Officer)

Well, it looks like those black VFW Invite business cards, some of us hand out, is working. As noted in last week's column add in they helped a documentary film producer get a hold of us.
The VFW wants to thank Michael and Francine Bray for forwarding our contact information to The Dream Vision Company. Also the VFW would like to thank Francine and Cathy Wilson who brought the VFW Dance to the Producers attention as a family style dance with glowing reports. There was 105 people in attendance.
This is something that VFW Post 3658 Commander Charley Carter has been promoting for the last ten years. So if you see Charley give him a pat on his back for a job well done.
I have gotten some emails lately about what I should add in this column. While I am interested in Veteran News I am leaving out the political side. My friend, Butch Morris handles that in his column.
The Veterans' Parade is ON; plans are that we will gather in the Antlers' Rail Road Depot parking lot on Nov 9, 2013 at 11:00 am. This way we can insure those needing rides will be able to obtain them, as there is no official count on how many will be there although as noted before it is growing by the day. Thanks to GW Pig we now have a couple 5 ton, 6 by 6, former military tactical vehicles to ride in (which he sells for $7500 each). We will start in front of City Hall with Jerry Wilson's Mini-Beep (1/4 size jeep), leading the way (By the way I heard he is selling the vehicle). What follows is under discussion as we can obtain two Honor Guard groups to carry the colors. I still need to contact the Antlers' High School Band Director to see if the band will play Patriotic Marching Music for the parade. More on the Parade will be printed in later columns.
There is a list of organizations that will help wounded veterans and their family members on our webpage, some of the sites are the ones you do not hear a lot about but could be helpful. Check them out. And pass along these sites information to those Veterans who do not have internet connections. After all, we are trying to build a network for all veterans.
Our Service Officer - Rocky Woolman - can be contacted at 719-251-3040 (Cell Phone), Email -, Facebook Page - VFW Post 3658, Antlers, OK or our webpage. We are in discussion as dates and times he will be available for walk in appointments but for now you can see us after our weekly clean up on most Fridays (about 8:15 am) at the VFW Post building in Antlers.
Thanks to my spouse Melba, and the VFW Auxiliary, she noted that when a 100% disabled veteran who has one of the State of Oklahoma Tax Exempt cards pass away, his or her spouse can obtain the Tax Exempt card by filling in the same paperwork that was originally approved. I copied this straight from the Oklahoma Tax website:
Who is eligible for a 100% Veteran disability exemption?
Persons who have been certified as receiving compensation at the 100% rate where disability is permanent and where it is service connected as certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs are eligible for the exemption. Sales qualifying for the exemption are limited to $25,000.00 per year.
The sales tax exemption for the 100% disabled veterans extends to the surviving spouse of a deceased qualified veteran if the surviving spouse has not remarried. Sales qualifying for the exemption are limited to $1000.00 per year for the surviving spouse.
To receive an exemption card, the applicant must provide to the Taxpayer Assistance Division, Oklahoma Tax Commission, a letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs {"VA”} that applicant is the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran who was determined by the VA prior to his/her death to be honorably discharged, 100% service-connected, permanent and total disabled. You should contact the Oklahoma Department of Veteran's Affairs at 1-888-655-2838 for assistance with this Oklahoma benefit.
More next week.
By the way, if you want to complain, add your support, or have something you want added to this article contact me at 580-271-0897 or Email me at This is the veterans' news and if you have something let me know, please.


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