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Pet Pals

  • Boston Terrier
    July 6, 2010
    Tracy & Jason
    My mommy!
    My Purple Cow
    Begging for treats! I do a lot of different things to get them. I stand on my back legs and touch my nose to my mommy's hand, I jump up in her arms when she tells me to and a few others. The most effective though is just looking at her all cute with my ears back. It works every time!!!!
    Pixie Dolittle, Sissy Puppy
    I don't have a whole lot of them. I am a pretty laid back dog. I don't really care for other dogs barking or being left at home when my mommy leaves but other then that, nothing really.
  • Fiest/weenie(a fiestywennie)
    Sammy & Monica
    thats a toss up between mommy and daddy
    Chew ropes and fetchable toys
    sitting pretty,laying down, rolling over, shaking hands, and many other tricks for a treat or just loveings
    I cant stand creepy crawly things so kill and eat them and i dont like people putting their hands on my mommy and daddy!
  • Pitt Mix
    not sure
    daddy of coarse
    anything daddy lets me chew on
    i can catch anything in mid-air ,sit , shake hands, and love to bring mommy the bag of finger nail polish so i can get my nails painted!
    im just simply Baby Girl
    Loud noises, fast movements and any other dog that isn't supposed to be in my yard!
  • choclate lab
    june 2008
    lori langley
    moyers ok
    he loves sticks
    shakeing hands
    he hates loud noises
  • Boston Terrier
    I Don't Know
    My master, duh
    My Duck
    I don't really do tricks per say.. but I do bark at things that aren't there when I am told to.
    Pig, Miss Piggy
    I don't like it when people try to put a collar on me, give it up it isn't going to happen. And people who don't belong in my yard, might just make me mad enough to bite at them.
  • Unknown Terrier
    Tracy & Jason
    My Chew Bone
    I don't do tricks but I love to chew on bones and play fetch.
    I hate it when people lay their arms or legs on me... or crowd me in bed. I need my space! But I am thankful that my people took me in off the streets and gave me a loving and caring home full of good food and lots of scratching!
  • Puggle Mix
    May 12
    My mother, of course
    Anything I can shred to pieces!
    I can give you my paw, but you have to give me a treat first!
    Ms. Bea
    Getting wet or getting my nails clipped.


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