Bearcats Fall in Record-Setting Overtime

Bearcat Buzz
Staff Writer

Antlers and Coalgate fans got more than they bargained for when the Wildcats came to take on the Bearcats in their first home game of the season. It was Homecoming and the air sizzled from both the heat and the excitement. After presenting a court of 16 candidates and attendants, Kaleigh Watson, who was representing the senior class, was crowned Homecoming Queen and kissed by her escort, Bobby Williams.

The Bearcats had the first possession in what was to be an epic slugfest. Neither team prevailed in the first half, keeping the score 0-0. In the third quarter, a toss from Kaden Speer (#2) to Zion Wood (#3) had Wood speeding 31 yards home and Antlers drew first blood. A bad snap stopped the conversion attempt, but the Bearcats were leading 6-0. In the fourth, the Wildcats quickly retaliated with scores of their own, first adding 8 then 6, putting them ahead 6-14. With the clock ticking away, Antlers successfully recovered a fumble and gained possession in the last two minutes of the ballgame. Speer got his team down to the 10 yard line where Cason Gee dived into the endzone. Fans held their breaths as the offense lined up for the two point conversion. A failure at this point would end the game. But Speer pushed his way over the line and the stadium erupted with joy as the game was now tied 14-14. With 34 seconds left, the Wildcats took a knee and the game went into overtime.

In OT #1, neither team scored, so the next overtime began with Coalgate having first possession. They were able to get into the endzone but their conversion failed and the score stood 14-20. Zion Wood took it home for the Bearcats, but Austin Wolfe's kick was no good and OT #2 ended 20-20.

In OT #3, Antlers scored on their first play with a pass from Speer to #4 Reico Colbert, but failed with the conversion. Antlers now led 26-20. The Wildcat responded in kind and their conversion failed, tying the game again, this time 26-26. A sack by Cason Gee put Coalgate on the 18 in the fourth OT, but they recovered and scored 6 more. Wood took it home again, making the score 32-32. In the most controversial play of the game, Wood tried to add two points, but the officials declared he didn't make it.

In OT #5, penalties plagued both teams and neither scored. Entering the sixth overtime with a tied game, the Wildcats scored, but again failed in their conversion attempt. The Bearcats pushed up to the one yardline, but were unable to get across, giving the W to Coalgate, 32-38. The game tied the state record in the number of overtimes, and set a new record in the number of overtimes in a regular season game.

Leading offense: Kaden Speer completed 29 of 35 passes for 221 yards, including 2 TD passes; Cason Gee rushed for 57 yards and 1 TD, Zion Wood ran for 29 yards and received 134 yards; Reico Colbert received 46 yards and ran 54 yards back in punts/kickoffs.

Leading defense: Trent Young had 15 tackles; Austin Wolfe had 13 tackles and 1 TFL; Isaac Sorrells had 12 tackles and 2 TFL's; Cason Gee had 6 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 TFL's.

Next up, the Bearcats travel to Wilburton to take on the Diggers in the first district game of the season. The game starts at 7:00pm. Make the drive and support this amazing team! Photo credits go to Tre Taylor. GO BEARCATS!

Photo by Tre Taylor