County Deputies credited with the fastest apprehension of a fugitive in the history of the 15 Most Wanted Program after the apprehension of Jacob Scott

Tracy Steffenson

Pushmataha County Sheriff's deputies received a tip that one of the US Marshals' 15 Most Wanted was hiding in Antlers under a false identity. At 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night (01/29/20) Scott, who had grown a beard and was using the assumed name of Luke, was taken into custody without incident by the Pushmataha County Sheriff's Department, with the assistance of the US Marshals and the Choctaw Nation Tribal Police.
Scott was placed on the US Marshals Top 15 that same morning and only hours later he was apprehended. Scott was captured at a local mobile home park after law enforcement received a tip about his location. After several call outs, Scott exited the RV, but refused to acknowledge he was the fugitive. He finally admitted to his identify after authorities verified his tattoos.
Scott, using the fake name "Luke" and not using his real social security number, has been residing in Antlers for approximately a year while working for a local business owner. Authorities said that the investigation is ongoing to determine if anyone aided Scott in this attempt to fake his own death and/or to avoid capture.
Scott was featured on Investigation Discovery's "In-Pursuit with John Walsh" on Wednesday night. Many media outlets also published information from the marshals' press release on Wednesday announcing a $25,000 reward for his capture.
US Marshals Assistant Director for Investigative Operations Jeff Tyler is giving the all-out media blitz credit for leading to the critical citizen tip that resulted in the FASTEST APPREHENSION of a fugitive in the 37 year history of the 15 Most Wanted program.
Jacob Scott, 43, was wanted in Jackson County, Mississippi, for sexual assault and sexual exploration of a child. Scott, an Army Veteran, was arrested for sexually abusing his stepdaughter, which resulted in the 14 year old becoming pregnant. Following his arrest, Scott was released on bond. While free, Scott staged a fake suicide in his dinghy boat, which was found abandoned and drifting about one mile off shore near Orange Beach, Alabama.
Marine units found the boat on July 30th, found what appeared to be a suicide note, a handgun tied to a rope which was tied to the side of the boat and a very small amount of blood. After a seven day search by air and water, the Alabama authorities and the Coast Guard suspended the search on August 7, 2018. Scott had not been seen or heard from since the end of July 2018, just days before he was set to plead guilty.
After further investigation, authorities also learned Scott had withdrawn $45,000 from this retirement account shortly before his disappearance.
Scott is being held at the Pittsburgh County Jail while he awaits pending extradition back to Mississippi. He could face life in prison if found guilty on all counts. On top of the new charges for being a fugitive from justice, Scott originally faced 14 sex crime charges, including one count that accuses him of filming the minor engaged in sexual acts.