DA dismisses sexual assault case against former softball coach

Tracy Steffenson

A Motion To Dismiss was filed on Thursday, May 27, 2021 in association with allegations facing a former Rattan High School Softball Coach. According to the court document, multiple state employees, from different agencies, have accused this case's lead investigator from the Pushmataha County Sheriff's Department, of fabrication and being untruthful where this case is concerned.
Jeffrey Paul Watts, Rattan, was accused of inappropriately touching a player that he coached while on campus in early 2019. Watts denied the allegations. He was arrested and released on a $5,000 bond.
Mark A. Matloff, the District Attorney over Pushmataha County, made the motion to dismiss the case without prejudice for numerous reasons following the investigation of the Pushmataha County Sheriff's Department.
The reasons are as follows:
Multiple individuals were discovered having opinion as to the truth and veracity of the State's witnesses.
Multiple individuals were discovered concerning a motive for the allegations.
Multiple individuals were discovered who stated that the victim did not disclose allegations until months after alleged incident.
Multiple individuals were disclosed who stated victim was untruthful about the allegations.
Multiple individuals were disclosed who stated they were coerced to be untruthful in their testimony.
Multiple witnesses stated victim's father called victim untruthful in subsequent court proceedings.
Eye witness allegations provided affidavit that nothing inappropriate happened on the day in question.
Multiple state employee's, from different agencies, have accused the LEAD INVESTIGATOR of fabrication and untruthfulness in this case.
No corroboration, either by direct or circumstantial evidence, is available and trustworthy.