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51 Things To Do This Summer

March 25, 2011

During the summer it is so easy for kids, and adults alike, to say, "I have nothing to do! or I’m bored." As much as everyone says they can’t wait for summer, these words will inevitably cross everyone’s lips.

Well, no more excuses! There is always something that you can do to keep yourself and your family entertained. To help get you started thinking outside the box I have compiled a list of things for you to try when you can’t think of anything to do. With these 51 things to do, you may just escape the “I'm bored” doldrums this summer!

1. Have a picnic in your back yard.
2. Go for a walk and take pictures of trees, flowers, dogs, etc.
3. Pick out a couple of really cute outfits and recreate them for less!
4. Plan a family game night and play some childhood games like "Sorry", or "Candyland."
5. Volunteer to help a cause or group.
6. Rearrange your room, and clean as you go.
7. Read a book based on a movie you have seen.
8. Make an obstacle course in your back yard.
9. Invent a brand new sandwich!
10. Create your own holiday.
11. Write your own novel.
12. Learn how to define and spell 5 new words a day.
13. Try your hand at writing poetry.
14. Help an elderly neighbor with house or yard work.
15. Give your dog a bath.
16. Make dinner for your family.
17. Baby-sit for a neighbor.
18. Plan your dream vacation, in detail!
19. Plant flowers.
20. Sign up for a summer class.
21. Take a relaxing bubble bath.
22. Splash around in a plastic kiddy pool.
23. Learn how to paint.
24. Make a scrapbook.
25. Find a summer job.
26. Start a journal and write in it everyday.
27. Spend the day at the library.
28. Draw a self-portrait with your eyes closed.
29. Make a collage out of old magazines.
30. Run around in the sprinklers.
31. Go to a local museum.
32. Go out for lunch with one of your parents.
33. Eat last night's leftovers for breakfast.
34. Learn to sew or knit.
35. Play at the park.
36. Learn how to track the moon’s phases.
37. Make popsicles with your friends.
38. Put on the radio and dance.
39. Go camping in your backyard.
40. Take your dog for a walk.
41. Look through old scrapbooks, photo albums, or yearbooks.
42. Make crafts and sell them for charity.
43. Research your family tree.
44. Make your own board game.
45. Sign up at the library for their summer reading program.
46. Do 25 jumping jacks!
47. Clean out your closet and donate the things you don’t want.
48. Learn to play a game that you didn’t know how to play (like chess or scrabble).
49. Try to identify 20 different types or trees or plants.
50. Go swimming.
51. Just have fun, it’s your summer so enjoy it!

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